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Grace doing great :) hope you will do more astro. I look forward to seeing more

Kazzi I have to go out of town and borrow a wider lens to get better results, but I'm eager to do some more :)

Grace a wider lens does make it easier but you could always do some panos with that lens :) I've been wanting to go out and do a milky way photo but the weather keeps not cooperating :P

Kazzi pffffffpffffffffpffffff - I'm blowing the clouds away, pffffpffffffff!
Maybe, You know, butterfly effect - tomorrow's weather will be great? ;)

Grace Haha maybe. I hope so, this weekend would be perfect for milkyway if the clouds were not there because there's no moon to interfere

Lauren Huston I went out last night to a beautiful clear sky, not a cloud in the sky........ an hour in, I noticed a cloud ... then two. Suddenly couldn't see a single star. :( Hopefully my stars are headed your way Grace!

Grace It was super clear on Thursday during the day, but by the time it was dark clouds were coming in... I use an app called clear outside to check cloud cover, it doesn't look like it will be clear for a few days . A friend of mine got a pretty cool lightning shot last night though. I was inside staying warm haha.

Lauren Huston I use ClearOutside, Accuweather website(which is actually surprisingly accurate), as well as an iPhone app called StarCaster (Normally I'm an Android user). None of them predicted this cloud!
I miss lightning, we don't get storms very often in Melbourne. :(

Grace We don't get lightning storms much here at all, I would love to get a really good lightning shot one day.. I don't even have a cellphone at the moment, mine suddenly refused to charge up at all the other day. But clear outside has a website too.

Etherliana Beautiful!!

halfhearted Awesome!

bartosz palus Super fajne!

Lauren Huston Looks good! Don't shy away from using a 35mm focal length - some very amazing photos have come from having something as the foreground and then the entire background as the core! Or as Grace mentioned, have a play with some panoramas.

Grace Yes I agree this can look really good. I want to try it some time, but I always seem to end up doing a pano instead

120mr Wow!

Alek Jedliński Looks really great, congrats :)

Gogi Golzman great photo man!!!!!!!

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