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Michał Yeah, Złoty Osioł is always a good choice and I try visit it once a week. Because I could not remember this building at all, today I've paid some more attention on the go and spotted it. You had much better light, but I've also managed to snap something from there: "At the window ledge" :) Oh and there are also 2 nice murals with birds. Just next to this tenement house and I also haven't noticed them earlier. But cars in front of them makes it difficult to get a clear shoot. Anyway, it's another reason to look up more often ;)

Kazziz You mean those? "Sometimes it's the less popular road..." :D
It's one of those photos that I was sure I'd develop better from RAW, but it exceeded my abilities then. I remember adding it with heavy heart, and it was really long time ago.

Michał Exactly!

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