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Flo Also, my favorite Kill Your LCD picture is #4 ( It probably wouldn't work in color and I don't think I would have thought of turning it black/white.

Paweł Kadysz It's really tempting to try the challenge. Not this week though. I need to plan this out a bit. And yeah, your KYLCD #4 was just stunning.

Ian Prince I'll have to use one of my other cameras to do a KYLCD week, using a phone-cam without its LCD would be quite a challenge, lol.

I like the idea of one single exposure per day. Reminds me of taking photos with film. I wonder whether @agnieszka of is ready to take up the challenge? ;)

P.S. My favorite was

Flo Indeed, using a phone-camera with its display taped over would be a difficult task! I somehow expected you to like #5. :)
And I think it's a great idea to challenge @agnieszka to take only one shot a day for a week. ;)

agnieszka bladzik @Ian i don't think so :) but yesterday was kind of special, i usually take less photos. but this stormy waves was so interesting that I would take a lot of pictures even if it wasn't because of tookapic.

Ian Prince Yes @agnieszka , I have those days too sometimes, when shooting is just so joyful :)

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