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Hanna Gawrychowska Don't sorry - it's interesting pic.
The cables look similar to me

Satoshi T I'd thought that I was so embarrassed that such a messy situation. Thanks , @Hanna .

Nutt I've got the same piles of wires on my desk, under my desk, under my TV and clustering around all my plugs. I think it's almost unavoidable these days. Thanks for making me laugh and feeling a bit better about my own messy wires!

Satoshi T I feel like when I coming out my secret then know that you are the same! I becoming easier :) Thanks, @Nutt !

mathilde24 Il suffit de ne pas perdre le fil.....

Satoshi T Lorsque je perds le fil, de nouveaux problèmes se produisent... Merci, @mathilde24 !

Margie Oh my gosh, Satoshi, we have all been there. Last fall, my home had a burglary and he unhooked my computer monitor. Then turned the computer on its side to remove the wires. It was such a total terrible nest of tangled wires behind it that he left the computer! (And they caught the burglar!)

Satoshi T Oh wire nest caught the burglar, @Margie ? A story like a movie! Your home was no problem?

Margie I had to replace a kicked in back door and some electronics such as my camera flash and I installed a security system. I went to the burglar's plea and sentencing hearing! ( I work part time as a substitute bailiff for our court) He was soo young and I actually felt sad for the entire situation.

Satoshi T Oh @Margie , you work for substitute bailiff? I think it's great. You are the victim. However, we will also consider circumstances of young burglar through work. Now, in our country, also division by the social strata is actualizing as well, so tolerance to people belonging to the lower stratum is lacking, and we do not consider the situations of the other party. I think this is a very regrettable thing. It's my opinion.

Margie I agree. I worked as a high school English teacher and then as a school counselor for my career, so I am oriented towards helping adolescents. So this part time work since I retired is a real switch. I just think the whole incident was a loss for everybody involved- my door, my wallet, me, the court, him, and his new baby. Sad.

Tymoteusz Stępień This is why cable managment is veeery important ^_^ IT Specialist here :D It's not so much hard to get this again in tidiness

Nutt Do you do house calls? Worldwide?

Tymoteusz Stępień :D Nah, maybe not worldwide... Just 4 now I just help my friends/people in my town/sometimes I help by internet - just.. what someone needs. If need help with "build PC from scratch" I can help by internet. But if someone want from me - "build it and make piece to piece"... then I need someone closer to me.
Cable managment isn't hard - trust me.

Satoshi T Oh @Tymoteusz Please show me the results of the clean cable management you worked on the next opportunity. I will refer to my next work :D

Tymoteusz Stępień I have now more messy table with cables - upgrade PC. But my friends in "sterowanie24" (portal with light control) have something like that now:
Just doing path with cords/wires and have every modem/router/etc in "harmony" :D

Oh - and this is schema of network and connection in their home:

Just as I said - small idea and could be nice and clear place with cables.

Satoshi T Oh thank you @Tymoteusz :D , I will fight with LAN and Power wires!!

Shawn Pretty blue 😉

Satoshi T Actually, I love wires!! Thanks @Shawn 😉

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