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Hanna G Wow
It's true hodgepodge

Satoshi T It has not been cleaned for decades. Thank You @Hanna !

Katrina Yu This is sincerely so beautiful.

Satoshi T It made by dust that the train winds up naturally. Thank You @Katrina !

Magda Ko So nice shadows and colors. I like it very much. Do you use built-in art filter maybe?

Satoshi T I tried to check the image of built-in filter in Finder, and I reproduced the impression on LightRoom. Thank you @Magda and @Paweł .

Gogi Golzman great frame satoshi =]

Satoshi T I did not pay any attention for this frames almost everyday but I was suddenly conscious of it by this weekly theme. Thank you @Gogi !

craig Interesting and beautiful!

Satoshi T Thank you very much @craig ! I love this contrast!

azumac Great framing, and interesting observation

Satoshi T Thank you very much @azumac !

Margie Love this with the detail and sense of days gone by. Intriguing.

Satoshi T This dust pattern was really made during a long time. Thank you @Margie !

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