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Dead cat

We're going on a short vacation on Monday. 11 people party-trip to Corfu, Greece. Since this is going to be our first "real" vacation with our son, I decided to film it properly. And because my E-M5 is unavailable right now, I had to pimp up the X-T20.

Got a stabilized lens - a kit 18-55mm f/2.8-4.0. I had no idea how hard it is in Poland to get this lens in under 24 hours. My first zoom lens in years. I've always prefered primes. But they say this is the best kit lens ever made. And to be honest I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. But the most important thing is OIS - which actually makes filming on X-T20 doable. Without stabilization it's just chaos.

Got a polarizing filter for the new lens. A must-have if you're going to Greek islands. A spare battery, since I have no idea how long one will last while recording in 4K.

And finally - got an external microphone. So far all our "movies" were silent. There was just music and some shots. I feel like we're missing a lot of the memories this way. We tend to say some amazingly stupid shit on those trips, but the audio quality was always unacceptable. I'm going to change that this time.

What worried me the most was the lack of flat picture profile in X-T20. But today I did few test shots with Classic Chrome film simulation on. And just wow! It needs no color correction at all.

Overall this is looking like a decent setup for both photo and video shooting. The RX100 will go as backup camera in case I drop the X-T20 into the sea, or something.

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  • tigg

    Much deserved break - and your son will just love it. Have a fab time!

    • Paweł Kadysz

      Thank you! We're excited but also a bit scared. It's our first plane trip with Wiktor. We had long road trips but never a plane trip.

    • vera

      Great ! I wish you a beautiful trip! Relax! and what is this black duster on the camera?

    • Mikołaj

      Have a great trip and good luck with making the video 😀

      • Aga Ka

        I wish the three of you great fun! 😀

        • Gogi Golzman

          vacation clip on 4k? i think you'll need more than 2 batteries.

          have fun there! can wait to see the photos =]

          • Satoshi T

            I imagine you have not get much rest for a while. Enjoy your vacation!

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