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tigg Much deserved break - and your son will just love it. Have a fab time!

Paweł Kadysz Thank you! We're excited but also a bit scared. It's our first plane trip with Wiktor. We had long road trips but never a plane trip.

vera Great ! I wish you a beautiful trip! Relax! and what is this black duster on the camera?

Paweł Kadysz Thank you! That's a wind protector for the microphone. People call those things "Dead cats".

vera Ok I only knew the microphone foams... this one is very funny!😄

Mikołaj Have a great trip and good luck with making the video :)

Aga Ka I wish the three of you great fun! :)

Gogi Golzman vacation clip on 4k? i think you'll need more than 2 batteries.
have fun there! can wait to see the photos =]

Satoshi T I imagine you have not get much rest for a while. Enjoy your vacation!

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