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Ian Prince Top! Paper mountains too, right?

Ron Dadoo of course :-)

Ian Prince Impressive! Must have taken ages!

v agnès Génial!

Comment was deleted

Ron Dadoo merci bocou

Ron Dadoo thank you Hanna! not so complicated: crumpled paper, folded plane...

mathilde24 Superbes la photo et la chanson

Ron Dadoo merci Math'

Katrina Yu <3 <3 <3!!!! Superb.
I recognized your photo at first glance!

I noticed the mountains, they're so cute.
We did the same today, I did paper planes too! :D :D

Ron Dadoo yes, I thought about you by making this picture, what a surprise to see also the paper planes at home too! See you tomorrow?? same idea ??

Katrina Yu Are you doing origami for tomorrow too?? 😁😁

Ron Dadoo yes... but very simple origami... maybe....

Katrina Yu Me too!! Let's see if we match again tomorrow. 😁😁😁
I'll do very simple too, don't have the skill for too complicated ones. Have a good day Pat!!

120mr Wow! Mountains are very real.

Ron Dadoo swiss mountains... :-)

120mr I love the Alps.

noun Géééééénial! J'adore!

Ron Dadoo suuuuuuper merci Noun!

Kazziz Fool me once... I also saw real mountains.

Ron Dadoo hahaha... imagination...

Comment was deleted

Ron Dadoo thank you Beata!

vera Great these mountains!!!!

Ron Dadoo yes ;-)

Nutt Totally brilliant! I also thought they were real mountains!

Ron Dadoo haha yes ?... :-))

Nutt 😂😂

Satoshi T Wooow! Awesome creative work M. @Ron !

Ron Dadoo thank you!

Satoshi T Someday, I hope to use real sky - not Paper- in my model work....

Ron Dadoo yes good idea! I am glad to see this!