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Michał Life in Japan :D

Satoshi T Thanks Michał!

Michał Great view. Thanks for photo :) You use still 50D :D Nice to see that camera in action :)

Satoshi T I wanted to lighten my bag, but in this kind of shooting I need 2 cameras. The smallest camera that my wireless remote control can use is 50D, so I brought it. Thank you Michał.

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Satoshi T Selfie w szerokim znaczeniu... 😉

Nilson Menezes A brave attitude! Nowadays, here in France a T-shirt stamped 'I shot people' could be troubled.

Satoshi T If I wear this T, and had a long telephoto lens with telescopic sight , it probably troubled also in Japan.

Marta I think, based on recent sad events in Europe, that Nilson refers to the fact that "I shoot people" may be taken as "I like guns and stuff and I will kill you" :(

Satoshi T It is very sad situation 😔. I understood, Marta ...

jazzie I love that pic with the blurred background! I first thought you must have an amaaaaaazing lens, but after having a closer look at the pic I think you photoshopped the background a wee bit, didn't you ;-)?

Satoshi T Oh wonderful discrimination eye😳 @jazzie . I will tell you the truth, I used a very ordinary small f4 lens with @f/14 since I want to be in DOF though I moved. As a result, I sunk into the background too much... I applied a wee bit blurr effect with LR.

jazzie I'm sorry about revealing your secret 😉 I hope you're not mad at me now! It is part of nowadays reality that every picture is postprocessed and I always try to see behind the scenes!

Satoshi T I will gladly teach you the secret of the post processes. because you taught me the secret of the 'rubber shoe sole' of dolls! 😉

vera Very cool and dynamic pose!!!

Satoshi T Thank you @vera , Actually, the thumb of the right hand is pushing the remote selfee button!

Rafal Laczynski Great! Satoshi in action!

Satoshi T Thank You so much @Rafal !

Ron Dadoo HAHA we can not leave our camera without being attacked by people afraid of being captured ... and at home?

120mr Great!

Urszula Stachowicz Great! I think it could be a week's theme: Tookapicers in action. :D

Satoshi T Me too!💃📷🕺

egzist Superb! I love it. The picture make me smile - good to see you in action :) Especially we have rainy and cold days and in your pic it looks warm and sunny.

Satoshi T Thank you for enjoying my action @egzist ! It was a fine weather.

Kateli So nice to see you ! How did you do that shot ??
I have the same t-shirt in black... I wore it in class the other day ! My pupils liked it !!

Satoshi T Another camera on the tripod and I push remote control switch!

Kateli Great idea !!

Jacek Dzitkowski Great Photo!

przemekg Next month I going to Tokyo, maybe I shoot you accidentally? ;)

Satoshi T Oh, I often walk and areas. If you see a beard man with a camera, it might be me. There was actually "What is little world..." !

przemekg Wow, amazing :)

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T Dziękuję Ci bardzo dużo @witek i cieszę się, że podzielam się zdjęciami z Tobą po drugiej stronie Ziemi w czasie!

Katrina Yu Always nice to see you, Satoshi! <3

Satoshi T Thank you so much @Katrina <3

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