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Margie Sensational! I got it immediately before reading your caption. Creative.

vera Thank you Margie! I'm very happy that you got it before readin!!! I was not sure that it is evident! ;-)

noun Waw! Quelle patience pour placer toute ces feuilles! Belle photo!

vera Merci Noun! Oui pas si facile que je le croyais au début pour obtenir un rond... Il doit certainement y avoir une formule mathématique, mais j'ai fait à l'intuition...

tigg So creative - I am well impressed.

vera Oh thank you so much Tigg! I tried to play with the papers and ideas come. You should try! It's funny!

tigg So I wonder what you will come up with for sport .....
I'm afraid most of my photos have to fit in with my day; I'm lucky when I have, or allow myself, time to "play"!

vera And don't you think that "to play" is more a question of state of mind than time? I think that this pic took me around twenty minutes for finding the idea and set up the sheets. Then I thought the idea was good, so I didn't make other pictures. I had only to deal with a dozen catches on my computer. Perhaps this photo took me less time than you can imagine?... For sport, I already have an idea in my head. For you I'll count the time to realize it 😉. But it's not for today! I already have got my pic.

tigg Yes I agree with you - I am trying not to admit that I do not have the ideas like others. It is great when you get a good shot early in the day. I look forward to your sport photo.

vera Oh no! Don't admit such a thing! you also have good ideas! I'm sure! I believe that creativity is a processus that everybody can develop... but it's necessary to practice! And don't be too demanding with yourself... Just keep the idea of playing in your head!

Adam Beautiful!!!
Great photo!

vera Thank you very much Adam!!!

Comment was deleted

vera Thank you so much Agnieszka!!!

vera Thank you Ewa! 😊

craig I love it!

vera I'm glad you like it so much! Thanks Craig! 😊

Luc Teach me Colors, so nice !

vera Thanks Luc! I'm happy you like it😊! And I don't know how to teach you?... be sensitive and attentive to the colors first! For me it's a part of the composition of a pic, as the light!

vera Thank you Hanna! :-)

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