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AP Darth Brilliant capture

Ron Dadoo thank you AP ! :-)

Ron Dadoo I say that I hold the arrow in front of the lens ... but it was not so easy as one might think ... ;-)

AP Darth Believe it.

tigg Lovely capture, but I am intrigued how you can take this daylight photo within a few hours of the theme being announced! I am certainly Not saying that you haven't taken it, just to clear up any ambiguity, I am just SO impressed with your dedication. I imagine you were spinning round on your feet ......

Ron Dadoo thank you Tigg! yes, I took that picture this morning. sky covered, not too much light, ideal for a "yarn"
as I said above, I turned on myself holding the arrow in front of the objective. I like to discover the theme on Monday, and often I can not wait to make my first idea!

noun Merci mon amour!
Trop belle ta photo!

Ron Dadoo haha j'ai remarqué qu'en tenant la flèche à la main, elle va où je veux pour une fois :-)

noun Oui, d'autant que si tu l'avais tirée, tu l'aurais encochée à l'envers!!

Ron Dadoo Tu sais très bien qu'un flèche tourne sur elle même en vol ! ;-)

noun PFFF! si c'est le cas, c'est que t'as collé n'importe comment tes plumes! Elle poissonne d'accord, mais à priori elle ne tourne pas! ;-)

Ron Dadoo bien observé, je ne te collerai pas! sur ce point en tous cas...

Comment was deleted

Ron Dadoo thank you Carolina :-)

Satoshi T Great story and capture @Ron@noun !

Ron Dadoo thank you M. Satoshi ;-)

Rafal Fantastic!

Ron Dadoo thank you!

Rafal Pity that on that arrow there is no Noun name....

Luc Quel coquin ! Very nice picture.

Ron Dadoo thank you Luc

Ron Dadoo thank's Marta!

Tomasz Dolata Wow superb !!!

Ron Dadoo thank's Tom'

ponzu This one is fun to swipe back and forth across the phone screen, making the arrow "fly". People viewing from the computer are probably missing out on this.

Ron Dadoo waw! yes ! interresant experience! I like this! :-)

Katrina Yu If you say you're the best archers in Switzerland, I believe you! 😆

Ron Dadoo it's nice Kat 'but this is no longer topical ... we spend too much time with the photo and less time for training with the bows!

Margie Fantastic capture. Just great. I never see archery here so so interesting to learn about you and Noun.

Ewa Kudlaty Perfect!

Ron Dadoo thank you!! :-)

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