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Ron Dadoo walk on the water ... it seems so simple ... good idea to show us your work!

Urszula Stachowicz I've just realised that I've never been cute in front of the camera. I don't think I can (I mean - at all). :D But you are the master of surreal selfportraits. :)

Katrina Yu Hahaha, when I was in high school me and my friends defined cute as "small and ugly". I just googled if there are references for that statement and they have this:
(Urban dictionary has a few too).

They said "cute" is ugly but acceptable.
A statement such as "Oh, she's not beautiful but she's cute."
Lol, don't we subconsciously mean it just that too?

So it's a good thing you're more than cute!! 😉🌟

Urszula Stachowicz Omg, I wouldn't have thought! :D I have to stop calling animals 'cute'. 😸

Tomasz Super ujęcie 😊

Ian Forbes I like the lighting effects your getting on your latest pictures. Are you doing it in post? Or are you using a prism or glass?

Katrina Yu Hi Ian, believe it or not, these glares are real!! :D The only edit on these last few portraits are the color correction and brightness.

I used a CD to get that rainbow glare, but I asked someone to hold it in front of the lens cause I don't have arms that long. haha

Here's a video for ideas:

If you decide to give it a try I'd love to see what you came up with!! :)

Ian Forbes Thanks Katrina, I was thinking of buying a prism and wouldn't have thought of using a CD that way. I wonder what would happen if we cut a CD into a prism shape?
I'll take a look at the video and do some experimenting.

Patrycja lovely 😊

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