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Ron Dadoo nice work! :-)

Katrina Yu Thank you, Pat!! Did you see my before and after ( I'm really happy that I was able to do it! 😁

Ron Dadoo yes, I saw ... I did not understand everything how you managed to deal with this back light ... I still have a lot to learn in the processing of images ...

Etherliana Fantastic! so cheerful!
The light is beautiful and only later I saw that it was the headlights of the car ...
The difference between the photos is huge ... full of admiration for you and what you created!!! <3

Katrina Yu Thank you thank you so much, Etherliana. I'm really happy with the picture.

I've always been afraid of shooting at night because of low light but seeing that I can salvage it into something makes me really happy. For one, because my editing has improved again and of course, I can try shooting more at night with a different light source.
Now I just need to play around with my settings to reduce the grain. Just small things every day. <3

Urszula Stachowicz I saw what you did there;) Version 'after' is really amazing!

Katrina Yu Hehe!! Thank you, Urszula. It's around 15 color correction layers in Photoshop! This kinda reminds me of Brandon Woelfel's work, mine just less fancy on the bokeh.

Hanna Gawrychowska beautiful light

Katrina Yu Thank you, Hanna. I find the backlight really beautiful too.

Kateli Love it !!! xx

Katrina Yu Thank you so much, Kate! xx

Comment was deleted

Katrina Yu Thank you!! I'm so happy with this one, Beata. The lovely glare effect is from a CD. The car light reflects on the CD that I asked someone to hold in front of the lens and thus creates this glare that's I've been recently obsessed with.

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