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vera Nice to meet you Pawel!!!!! Yeah!

Ron Dadoo My lack of knowledge in foreign languages was a major handicap for this meeting. But no need to talk to each other to feel the friendship. Thanks to you Pawel!

Nutt Lovely shot of everyone! And please come back to Switzerland, Pawel - I hated missing you this time!

Katrina Yu This is so so wonderful!! I find it interesting that everyone is in alternating pairs of black and white.

Gosia Nice crowd :)

Viola Kuniej woooow! <3

Artur Łobocki Great crew :)

Comment was deleted

vera I hope so! 😃

v agnès I've had the same thought about the compo. But we're all smiling because it was a cheerful moment 😊

Ewa Kudlaty Wonderful group picture! Nice to see you guys!

jayce If you had been 4 more, this would replicate 'l'ultima cena' of Leonardo da Vinci 😊

egzist Awesome meeting! Happy to see you all.

tigg Great portrait here. Bet you had loads of fun .... I'm lucky enough to have had coffee with two of this group. On different occasions too!

Satoshi T It's awesome meeting in composition of L'Ultima Cena ! Happy to see you altogether!

vera The pic is fantastic... but I really hope it won't be the ultimate "scene" of Tookapic In Switzerland!!! The fight is not won. We won only two months, there are still efforts to be made,...

v agnès Thank you @Paweł for your visit and for Tookapic (gratitude only;-)

tania Great to meet Pawel. Great to meet Poland. Great to meet everyone...
Bravo for the set up, and the post-treatment... The waitress did a good job :)

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