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Magda Korzewska You took great minimal picture. My fav today.

Ian Prince Well thank you Magda, I find that encouraging as often I'm not really sure if they're good or not!

Magda Korzewska First of all light is perfect, making beautiful shadows. Color of the wall eyecatching, interesting object on the wall. This is great combination. How could you doubt?

Kazziz I have to agree with Magda. And I really like the composition.

Ian Prince I guess it comes from doubting whether the minimalism, beyond the esthetics, actually means something. That is means something to you definitely encourages me to be more confident. So thanks!

Magda Korzewska I Am very much info minimal photo and not only (cooking, fashion, interior design etc) I should probably be born in Scandinavia or Japan :)))) less is more! Quality over quantity! Looking forward to see more of your minimalistic pictures.

Magda Korzewska This is one of my fav minimal photo I have ever taken

Ian Prince Indeed, less is more! That lamp post works especially well as there is, for me a least, a slight human touch to it, along the lines of :)

Magda Korzewska I was told it reminds Pixar's logo :)

Kazziz Is it possible to forget taking a picture after so many days on tookapic?

Ian Prince Somedays, yes! I'd even go as far to say that after so many days that's happening more and more often. Good job I have an alarm that goes off each day in the evening to remind me ;)

tania Nice. But I'm not sure about the top and the bottom.

Ian Prince I see what you mean and even tried a version without the top.... (the think the dark bottom is needed to "ground" the pic) but somehow I ended up preferring the one I posted.

Ron Dadoo Signy entrée Jura, j'ai souvent pensé à le faire celui là... :-)

Ian Prince C'est jamais trop tard :)

Ron Dadoo bof, je trouve la tienne vraiment super car en vrai c'est pas inspirant... je sais pas comment tu fais...

Ian Prince J'étais un peu désespéré en fin de journe avec rien dans la boîte. Peut-être c'est la pression qui fait quelque chose...?

Ian Prince Ils viennent d'enlever le téléphone :(

stephen_long64 Beautiful tones and composition.

Ian Prince Thanks, glad you like it.

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