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leitu Your ideas and techniques are really good ~

Katrina Yu Thank you!! This coming from you makes me happy.
How are you??

leitu Fine, I've been learning English lately, and I've been planning to design a series of works :)

Katrina Yu I think your English is doing great!!! Goodluck on the work, may it turn out amazing.

Etherliana It looks so realistic ...
I admire !! : D

Katrina Yu Hehe, thank you!! It's been a huge battle with perspective and depth of field with miniature photography but it's been fun!

Etherliana Katrina is so phenomenal!
And it is absolutely impossible to see that it was the same fight! Your perspective completely surrendered!!😍
I know that you put a lot of effort into it and I am full of admiration and delight!<3

craig Katrina, your imagination knows no bounds and your execution (pardon the pun) is faultless as usual! Brilliant!

Katrina Yu Thank you so much, Craig. Love the pun!!

Urszula Stachowicz Oh, what a lovely bookmarker. <3 :P

Katrina Yu Inspired by feet bookmarks of course!!

Have you seen one? They're too cute!

Urszula Stachowicz Aaa, I haven't, they're great! I thought it's something like this: ;)

Bruce I love this one! So well done! :-). Talk about being absorbed in a good book! :-)

Katrina Yu Haha, thanks, Bruce! Oh yes. You're right. And when a good story finishes a small part of you seems to finish with it too. ;)

Ron Dadoo Excellent Katrina !

Katrina Yu Merci beaucoup!!!

Ron Dadoo Pas de quoi :-)

Gosia Damn, you weren't even close to the end of the book. Such a sad death.

Katrina Yu Right?! Seems like a lot of deaths are accidental.

Roman Czarny Excellent idea and such a performance

Katrina Yu Thank you, Roman.

Roman Czarny I added a star
Yesterday I ran out

Ian Forbes Risks you take if you use enlargement spells on books! :-) Great photoshop work and concept.

Katrina Yu I'm so inspired by the Borrowers lately, Ian!!! Thank you.

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