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vividcolourfabric Is better possible?

Katrina Yu Haha. Of course, more shadows, angles, clean up...but we're always our worst critiques 😔
Thank you!

Urszula Stachowicz Aww, I've just checked what 'The Borrowers' is - I loved it when I was young! Another lovely scene! This happiness :) And even scenery outside the window is beautiful :)

Katrina Yu Aww, thank you!! Aren't the borrowers the cutest? I recently rewatched an animation of it (The Secret World of Arrietty) and been trying to get my hands on Mary Norton's novel of it. The illustrations drawn by Emilia Dizubak are just very lovely.

craig Fantastic shot, Katrina! This borrowers theme is just so good, your eye for detail is amazing. I don't see how you could have bettered this!

Katrina Yu Aww, thank you for the compliment, Craig. The eye for details though, it had been practiced since the beginning of this project. Sometimes we notice the things that aren't so obvious once we keep on working on the same thing over and over again, don't you think? :D

craig You are so right on that!

Ewelina You have such a rich imagination, Katrina. I adore your pictures!

Katrina Yu Thank you so much for the kind words, Ewelina! Appreciate it!

Etherliana it is so do so perfect !!
beautiful !!
As usual, I am very impressed with your work😘

Katrina Yu Thank you so much!! 😘 The encouragement means a lot! <3

Bruce Excellent!! Flawless execution. Does your aunt know how much effort this takes? 😄

Katrina Yu Haha she has no idea! Everyone thought I brew magic, I indulge them. Thanks, Bruce!

Comment was deleted

Katrina Yu Thank you, Beata! They're called sheep head towels from the Koreans. :D

Gosia The teapot will all that super hot water must weigh a lot! Amazing picture, so cheerful. Happy faces, relaxed poses. Love it. Will give it a star tomorrow. I want more stars per day! Sigh.

Katrina Yu Aww thank you so much!! After so many times of photographing with me, they're learning with their poses! I'm not kidding (!! 😂 She's a 1st grader.

Etherliana I was so excited to see that I forgot to like him ;)

Ian Forbes Great image. I like the Borrowers theme.

Katrina Yu Thanks, Ian. It's a fascinating subject indeed!

makebate Thats quick photo?? And you are sorry for it? Oooh my Good this is better than any photo I would take in my entire life!! Those women have done great job, it looks very natural!

Katrina Yu Haha thank you, you're too kind!! The main reason as to why they're so natural because they were looking at "me" while taking the photo. I have to sit beside them so that their bodies and eyes are angled just right. One of the hardest parts in doing composites I realized is that, if it's multiple subjects, the eyes or body language is not cohesive. So yeah, I learned this the hard way too. haha huggss

Margie Adore The Borrowers book. I like the idea of the women getting together in a teacup which seems womanly and tradition filled somehow.

Katrina Yu Thank you, Margie! Yes. This was inspired by the idea of people in some Eastern Asian culture that go to a bathhouse as a social activity. Hence I used the "sheep towel head" like the Koreans in their bathhouses.

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