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tigg Indeed. Love this one!

Tomas Salinka Amazing shot !!!

azral breathtaking!

Satoshi T amount of stars, focus,composition... it's Great progress!

Marcin Milewski AWESOME!!!
Lights on the ground are from passing cars or yours light set?

Comment was deleted

tania Looks surreal ! I love it Kevin ! Well done !

vera Wow!

Howard Walker Very nice! If you had to pick one breakthrough over the past year that lead to the difference, what would it be? Or is that a silly question?

Kevin Drum I'm not sure if I can pick one thing. I can now easily tell you everything that's wrong with last year's photo: It's flat, too dark, too soft, etc. One thing I've learned is that you can't take a poorly lit photo into Lightroom and make it amazing. You can certainly make improvements, but nothing beats having the right light.

Kevin Drum Also, this shot certainly isn't perfect either, but getting the lights from the passing bus made a world of difference in my opinion.

Howard Walker I understand. Thanks for the reply. I have played around with astrophotography a couple of times, and it interesting how much of the magic goes on inside Lightroom, at least for me. Keep up the great work!

Alek Jedliński Amazing! What lens are you using for astro?

Kevin Drum Thanks! This was shot with a Rokinon 14mm f/2.8.

Jesse Lind Great job @kevin! So much awesome!! Such wow, much yes, Many good.

Andrew E Weber I was just going through some of your first pictures the other day, and came across the first version of this. When I first saw that picture, it blew my mind that somebody who was "not a professional" was taking pictures like that, and inspired me to try and start taking astro pictures too. I read up on what you suggested (lonely speck) and bought a Rokinon for it eventually as well. Thanks for the inspiration, Kevin. (Also, this picture is much better, sweet lighting. great work.)

Kevin Drum Aw shucks. Thanks Andrew. Your Milky Way shots are far superior (and I will now take credit for them).

Roman Czarny Kevin did a good job

Balazs Silber Really nice work!

Paulina Drozd wow! really awesome!

Aaron The trail from bus passing through really makes it. Did you use a flash, or did the lights from that help the scene? Looks great!

Kevin Drum The light is mostly from the headlights on the bus, and maybe a tiny bit from a nearby hotel parking lot. I have several other shots with other cars (including some coming from the opposite direction), but this was the best.

Aaron I obviously can't see the others, but from here you chose well. Nice one.

noun Waw! Incredible shot! Awesome!

Jon Scott Love this!

Jesse Lind Whoa! Who would unlike this??? Whoever did this needs a demon possessed lamp like mine!

Kevin Drum At first, I thought you meant the demon was in an oil lamp like a genie, and I wondered where you obtained such a lamp and what happened when you rubbed it.

Jesse Lind I would like it twice if I could :D

Comment was deleted

Jesse Lind :D My lamp was not ammused

Jesse Lind Aaaaaaaanyways, on a more serious note (not that demon possessed lamps aren't serious...) Is that the milky way in the picture?

Kevin Drum It's a smaller part of it. The "galactic center" isn't visible in the Winter.

Jesse Lind Oh ok, awesome picture though *lamp falls on spleen*... My mind is so.... what?... how... is... what????

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