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Roman Czarny This must be a happy photo
Beautiful number of three scythes

Satoshi T Thanks so much @Roman !

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T Yep, especially it is difficult to shoot like as @Edyta 's "Cutlery" .

Lido Healthy room :)

Satoshi T Thanks @Lido , Its comfortable 😀

Urszula Stachowicz Haha, I know that feeling! I love wood, but taking photos is a real nightmare.

Satoshi T Woods makes it difficult for simple colors like you making in . ... and cats start using wood for another purpose "'After' of wooden interior"

Urszula Stachowicz Yes, I know, I was taking wedding photos in wooden dancing-hall once or twice, it was a nightmare. ;) But to be honest for my dark place I'm using only one sorce of light - window and I also can't bounce my flash because I have green ceiling and green walls. :D (I'm going to paint ceiling white next year - only for photo purpose ;) )

Satoshi T Oh I see, wedding photo under wooden interior is nightmare! 😉 and I was surprised you create your pics in Green walls! 🤓 I believed that you were shooting in an achromatic studio! I hope your re-paint will be nice! 👍

Danuta You have a beautiful photo studio ! ... Yes, the only drawback to this unnatural color is the flash reflection
from the ceiling ;)

Satoshi T Thank you @Danuta . Chrome cutlery reflections are difficult for me. I will spread a lot of large paper.

Danuta I understand 100%! .... I have a similar ceiling in the kitchen Satoshi :) .... I used to try to make a photo but I gave up this idea , the wooden ceiling was very dominant in the reflections :)

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