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Satoshi T Thank you so much @reneekorozo !

vera Nice pic! And I'm surprised how much it looks like my land!😃

Satoshi T There may be similarities elsewhere. If possible, I would like to go to other mountains this winter ... Thank you @vera and @jazzie 😃

Piotr Niezgoda Run Satoshi, Run!

Satoshi T Thank you @Piotr , Wind pressure was strong when it was passing through🤓

Danuta Beautiful photo Satoshi , dynamic ! .... beautiful landscape and sunny weather like in full summer ;)

Filip Švácha Brilliant composition Satoshi! Its funny, In my country the pendolino is like the most state of the art train and in your country its obsolete :))

Daniel Zaleski Amazing. Great photo and beautiful train in awesome scenery. Envy.

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