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tigg And a jolly lovely one it is too. Hope all going well.

Satoshi T Thanks @tigg !

LIDO You have beautiful weather in Warsaw, gray...🎄

Satoshi T Yes @LIDO , There is a mountain range in the center of the country, where moisture of the clouds is removed in snow. So it hardly snow in Tokyo in Winter.

Kazziz I wish You well, Satoshi. Get healthy.

Satoshi T Thanks so much @Kazziz !

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T Thank you so much @reneekorozo !

przemekg I loved to see yoyogi park now, must be so colorfull!

Satoshi T Hey @przemekg , I took "Golden Carpet" in Yoyogi park today!

Danuta Beautiful Japanese garden, sun and beautiful shadows.... open gate inviting inside beautiful !!!!

Satoshi T Yes, I love this mood! Thanks @Danuta !

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