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Satoshi T Thanks! Merry Christmas @reneekorozo ! ❤️

Lesley So creative!!

Satoshi T Thanks! Merry Christmas @Lesley ! ❤️

jazzie Such a nice train with great load! It looks liek you don't have snow in Tokyo, you have snow in your living room :-) or in your photo studio or in your train room or wherever! I wish you a happy christmas time, Satoshi!

Satoshi T Haha I took here : "Cut off losses #3" 😀 I wish you a happy christmas time @jazzie !

jazzie :-D thank you!

vera 😋😝👏🏻😂 Great! I hope you tested it!? in a general way do the Japanese like chocolate?

vera And beautiful pic!!!

Satoshi T Yes they are very delicious! I like Chocolates very much 😋! However, the annual consumption of chocolate of Japanese is 2.2 kg, which is far from the 10 kg of Switzerland people.

Satoshi T Oh thanks for adding it for your "Colorful" gallery! 😃

vera Indeed!🤣 Merry Christmas Satoshi!

Ian Prince A real Swiss train !

Satoshi T Thanks! This trees reminds me your view! Merry Christmas @Ian !

Ian Prince Oh, that's sweet. Merry Christmas to you too @Satoshi :)

Katrina Yu Ohh, this is really nice!! It's like Santa delivering the gifts. I love the concept, Satoshi!!

Satoshi T Oh you gave me great idea! Mini Santa will attend my project next year! Thanks and I wish you a happy christmas time @Katrina !

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