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vera 😆 super saber! and so cute boy! 😊

Kazziz Dark side is strong in this one.

makebate Oh my, such a sweet boy!

Magda Ko So natural, great portrait!

Kateli Beautiful photo ! I was thinking of following the same course with a friend. She's a professional photographer, I'm not and I also don't know anything about portraiture. Do you think it would be a good idea to follow it or not ?

Paweł Kadysz I still have 4 more videos to watch. And they're titled "case studies" so I hope to find some real advice there. So far, I learned nothing new about photography. I learned a lot about Annie though.

Kateli :0) I'll go for it ! I just received a photo studio (background, lights and all) from my husband !!! I'm going to have to do some portraits now !! Merry Xmas by the way !!

Darek Antkowiak Ladies and gentlemen. It's time to start the Christmas party :)

Basia cute:)

Łukasz Brożek Superb portrait. :)
I see everywhere in the Internet ads of this class and while ago I wondered if it's really worth it. :P

Anne This photo is just so beautiful!

Maciek Lipski Cudowny portret! Szacun! Uwielbiam prostotę Twoich zdjęć :-)

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