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Urszula Stachowicz I was waiting for your relatives :D Nice shirts! How do you make them to express emotions so well every time? :D

Katrina Yu Haha I wasn't even aware of the relatives-theme until I posted this and went to the feed and saw the newly posted ones. I added it after debating if this is considered as my relatives (stupid question for a moment lol).
As for the expressions, I force it out of them. Lol, I tell the story, tell them where to look/position them, shoot and check what's wrong. We then analyze the frame and I'll them this is missing this, this could use some more feelings, or this looks better with arms here..etc. I'm strict. Ha! As a person I'm quite strict but children love me. Go figure.

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Katrina Yu Haha, thank you. They are growing so fast!

Etherliana Hahaha I love it!
They are absolutely charming<3

Katrina Yu Thank you!!

Hanna Gawrychowska as usual great ⭐️

Katrina Yu Always appreciate it!

craig Katrina, they must love coming to visit! Not only do you read them fairy tales you let them live them! Wonderful image!

Katrina Yu Thank you, Craig.

They do love suggesting/requesting things for my images.
They'd say, I want to have a mermaid tail here and I would ask "where'd I get a mermaid tail?" They'll answer, "you edit it."
They have so much trust. haha

Katrina Yu Thank you!! <3

Ian Forbes Great image for the theme

Katrina Yu Haha, thank you!! Another regular day! :D

Bruce A good imagination is what makes childhood so special. Great image :-)

Katrina Yu Thank you so much, Bruce!

Jorge Ortiz Absolutly Amazing!

Katrina Yu Thank you! <3

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