Daniel Borth Good luck !

LIDO Hopefully you can keep up with your resolutions! Good luck!

Kamil Kaczor Good luck Satoshi! Nice photo!

Magda Ko good luck

Piotr Łaskawski good luck Satoshi

Daniel Zaleski Wish you all the best to the new year!

Jakub Szymański I should have same resolution... Good luck!

Etherliana Good luck Satoshi

120mr Finger crossed!

Rafal Laczynski Wow Satoshi! before cleaning... "Cut off losses #3"
:-) Great pic!

Marcin K. The tookapic zen :-)

Dorota Szypicyn Good luck🐱🐱🐱

Gosia Cool gear! I own only one lamp :) You look very zen!

Łukasz Brożek You have so cool lighting gear. :D Great photo. :)

Good luck!

Tomasz Dolata Good luck ! Satoshi :)

Urszula Stachowicz Good job! I'll keep my fingers crossed :D

Danuta I wish you good luck Satoshi :) and all the best in the New Year !!!

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