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FlyteWizard That looks super amazing ! Can't wait to see more pics with this setup :D

Satoshi T I am longing to @Klaudia 's fashionable style, so I try to make some work under this lighting. Thank you @FlyteWizard and @120mr :D

Katrina Yu I like how your cat is staring with eyes that says "don't expose our secret"! ;)

Satoshi T Haha It really seems like she is saying that! :D

v agnès Impressive. Thank you for sharing.

Satoshi T You are welcome @v !

tania We should have that kind of photos more often

Satoshi T If there is expectation, I will take more "backstage photos".

tania Oh yes ! That would be great !

Ian Prince Just perfect!

Satoshi T Backstage photo required wide-lens! Thank you Ian.

craig Great to see this (plus a bonus of sheri)! Happy new year Satoshi!

Satoshi T Sheri is important in this pic:). Happy new year @craig and Morag !

Jangcy thank You very much, @Satoshi !

Satoshi T You are welcome @Jangcy !

120mr Great backstage!

Satoshi T Thank you @120mr !

vera Thank You for sharing! That's great!

Satoshi T You are welcome @vera . Back stage photo required wide-lens.

WK Fan Awesome demonstration and also a good photo! :) @Satoshi
Thank you!

Satoshi T You are welcome @WK . Lighting is fun :D

jazzie LOKI!!! My granddad always had some copies of it on his coffee table! I am just having the same face expression as the cat on the pic :D

Satoshi T Wow, Your granddad had enjoyed LOKI @jazzie :D :D ! LOKI is one of the secrets of the my latest knowledge of the station -including Rangierbahnhof Limmarttal! - and trains in Switzerland :D . I import LOKI every month.

jazzie Oh, I see 😄 and it is probably also the secret of knowing such specific german train vocabulary? My granddad also had a big unfinished model train landscape at the basement, which was absolutely fascinating for us when we were children!

Satoshi T Yes! you are right @jazzie !

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