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ponzu I think this is very well done, and the fact that I own this camera makes it doubly enjoyable to me. It does not show the lens, probably some funky tilt-shift, maybe lensbaby? Or was the tilt blur done in post? I can't help thinking how this was done, but I am enjoying the result regardless. The way the car is approaching the lonely night walker feels menacing. And the way it's made to look like a miniature gives impression that you staged your own film noir stop-motion animation.

jazzie Thank you for your feedback :) Yes, it is a lensbaby edge 50. I was very lucky because few seconds after I found a good angle to shoot the pic there was a lot of action down in the lane. The driver of the car first drove up and turned around on the little place. And in the right moment this man walked into the pic. I just had to trigger when he was in the keen area of the lens. I think the hardest thing about lensbaby is getting the sharp area where you want it to be.

Roman Czarny Beautiful photo

jazzie Thanks!

Piotr Great shot, perfect focus area! Well done.

jazzie Thank you!

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