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Zenon Drobiński Brillant pic!

vera Thank you very much Zenon!😊

Anne Cool! :D

vera Thank you Ann! 😃

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vera Thank you so much Pauline!

Dorka Great!!!

vera thank you very much Dorka!!!

Kateli Very cool idea !!! Bravo !

vera Thank you Kateli! :)

craig Very nice! Very creative and well executed!

vera Thank you so much Craig! Multi exposition leave a nice margin to creativity! And it also requires practice ... I will focus it on for a few days I think 😃

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vera Thanks Beata😉

tania Love !!!

vera Thanks a lot my friend!😊

Satoshi T Very cool double exposure!

vera Thanks a lot Satoshi! 😃

Katrina Yu Ohh loving these double exposures you're doing!

vera Thank you sooooo much!

Kazzi Tell me, my love, do You use in-camera double exposure option, or do You blend it in PS or some other programme?

vera I don't have PS... so yes I use In-camera double exposure option, then I treat it in adobe LR CC. I didn't find any tuto in french, only auf deutsch. I grope and traffic to get something ... and I don't always know exactly what I'm doing ;0 !

Kazzi would that be a problem if I ask for a quick tutorial, or a link for one You've used to learn how to do it? :)

vera I can't help you with a link or a tuto because I didn't use or find one for Oly!!! I'm an autodidact... and like to explore when I'm motivated ;0. I'm sure I have not understood everything yet...

But, the first and only information that I received was given by @Joost on Tookapic a long time ago! His explanation is here in the comments: "AirHead"

Then I tried and tried... And experience make the rest!

Three tips I can give you :
1) Shoot in Raw format to be able eventually to adjust the brightness for the final result.
2) Don't shoot in iAUTO mode. You won't be able to acceed to the function multiple exposure on your camera in this mode.
3) The basic principle is: the supperposition of the second image will be seen on the black parts of the first one.
Then play with this! ;-)
For more details, I'm afraid that I should create a tuto...Unless someone else has already done it between two!

vera Ah! And I think that I also took the manual of my camera🧐

vera @Kazzi Hello! I found this. It's similar as I do!

EXIF data
Focal length
Shutter speed