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Piotr Łaskawski Very interesting effect, I like this picture.

Satoshi T Thanks @Piotr !

Urszula Stachowicz Looks great! And I really like the colors. :)

Satoshi T I slightly weakened the LightRoom preset 'cross-process1' and tried to make it like a film toy camera. Thanks @Ula-stachowicz !

KimJaye Nice! I need to get my LensBaby out; you've inspired me!

Satoshi T This is really interesting. I am going to be addicted to LensBaby. Thanks @KimJaye !

Tomek Zimnocho With a lensbaby it will be even harder to see what is real and what is a model on your pics ;)

Satoshi T Thanks, I will try to make the model looks real, and make the real thing looks like model...😉

Michael Gatton Love it, makes the world look like a miniature model.

Satoshi T Thanks! I like visual magic.😉

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