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Urszula Stachowicz When I finished my first 365 project my friend asked me how I would get ideas for another year. He joked that now I can go to exact places and shot the same ideas but in a different way. ;) For me it's too soon, since it's my second year here, but in such a long project as yours - it could be great. :D (Although- sometimes I re-take some photos I wasn't satisfied with :) )

Viola Kuniej yeah, I think it's my last 365 project. it would be too difficult, take the same photos, but I think about the project, where I will publish the pictures that I already have. I've been taking photos for over 20 years, it's time to take care of them... Of course I will not give up doing new ones, I'm not crazy :)

Ian Prince I’ve always thought it would be great to have an automatic link to the photo(s) taken one/two/three years ago. @Paweł ? Love the photo of course 😁

Viola Kuniej yes - I had the same idea! @pawel?

ponzu I obviously like the photo; the light is set up with great proficiency. I think there are many ways in which we can reference our photographic past, and the Tookapic owners may like some and not so much other ways.

One is, we could repost photos we posted X years ago. I don't see the point, and I don't think that's what you did. But @Paweł could add functionality, as you mentioned, to automatically "surface" photos from exactly 1, 2, X years ago -- the way Facebook and Google Photos do. He/we would need to think through exactly how it would work and where it would appear.

Two, we can reshoot our old photos in a new way, and I think that what @Ula-stachowicz is talking about and what you did. I think it is a great idea, a great motivation, and a great learning exercise. I don't see anyone on Tookapic objecting to it.

My original idea was to look through unpublished photos taken 1, 2, X years ago, and for me, sadly, that's 99% of my photos, and pick out a photo worthy of publication. If I can read @Paweł's mind, he may say that's not what a 365 is all about. He may say I am not cheating anyone but myself. I can live with that.

I already had to do it two days in a row, not because I am bored with my 365, but because life became hectic, and my past attempts at taking meaningless, rushed, last minute "streak" photos pained me more than @Paweł disapproval of posting a decent older shot.

As it is, while looking for a January 23 shot, which ended up being "Boyco Service Units [2016]", I found a 2005 set of a remarkably young looking me, my wife and my mom during her visit. Unfortunately, Tookapic refused to upload the photo, which was sized at 1000px on the longer edge. I used to save up memory card and disk space that way. 13 years is a long time.

I am glad you liked my idea and put your own spin on it!

Viola Kuniej exactly - today I repeated the old picture. if it was possible to view all of our photos from a particular day, one could have fun with such replays. it's a very good idea - to improve old pictures. at the moment we can do it and probably I will do it several more times. however, I am more interested in your original idea - already outside Tookapic, from 2019. I'd like to play with old photos that I have and prepare some collages, (which is impossible at the moment here). btw - there are many possibilities and thank you very much for your wonderful idea! :)
PS. 13 years? omg!

Katrina Yu I do this all the time, reshooting concepts just to see how I've grown in the span of months/years! Love how evident the changes here. The maturity, the mood, and the story are all so wonderful.

I love the idea of Tookapic rewind, I've always wanted one since I always look back on certain months/days in particular to compare. That'll be a unique feature for a 365 project indeed.

Filip Švácha Great autoportrait!

Viola Kuniej thnx, Filip! nice to read it :)

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