Viola Qniej hahaha exactly! who cares about the fucking color - your changes of layout were more stressful for me :)

tania hihihi...

Magda Ko Agree, one week maximum we got use to it. What is worry me that Everyday I realize that I miss one's pictures fe @Katrina

Satoshi T Every button and icon has become purple... When everyone keeps Tookapic, every ring of personal icons turns purple ...

Jakub Wow <3 Great Light!

Aga Ka I feel bit giulty of putting my 2 cents about the new color. It wasn't big issue for me cause I don't really care if I like the color or not... website is working good, I like people here and I get to watch all the photos ... that counts.

Kazziz From what I've heard at our #tookawalk, the problem is You change layouts and stuff without previous announcement, and that's what bothers people.

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