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Snowy Bajka

I think I have made peace with Martyna's idea to have a dog. It's one of our last days together (with the corgis, not with Martyna :P) - tomorrow Ania and Łukasz come back from their holidays, so they'll take the dogs back home... and damn, I'll miss them! Because of the reasons above I decided to have a long walk with them before work and... it was so much fun to see those two so happy to test their strength in fighting over the ball with me. I have always been a cat-loving type person, having a dog since I was three till... twelve? a canary bird and two cats (not simultaneously) later, even living with three dogs, two cats and 11 horses for a few years... and when I came back to Cracow and took care over a cat seven years ago for a while, I decided to keep her only child - but had to give it over to my Mother after meeting (and inviting) Martyna to my place, because of her ultra-strong allergy to cats and every small animal. Never considered myself having a dog, since it's a lot of responsibility... but hosting Bajka (pictured above) and Bąbel for the third (or fourth?) time in a year, this time - for over a week... I finally stepped out of my comfort zone and admitted, that I like them. Love them. You might have seen this photo as first of seven on instagram - https://www.instagram.com/p/Be8JxLDlwpr/?taken-by=kazzi_ - and although I don't like to post the same photo to both portals, this one is worth it. Baja is such a classy lady. And my card reader decided not to cooperate, so I cannot even transfer photos from the evening after work ^^ but I don't think there's anything better there.

PS. @Hanna is in Cracow, anybody wants to go for a tooka-tea (or other beverage) on Friday evening? Or to visit World Press Photo exhibition on Saturday?

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  • Urszula Stachowicz

    I saw your photos and movies with this dogs - there are adorable! 😀 Bajka looks so cute on the snow.

    You can be a cat-lover and dog-lover. Believe me. I have both. I always had. 😉

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