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mathilde24 Belle photo. J aime les gens qui rient

Satoshi T 😄 😄 Merci @mathilde24 !

Rafal Laczynski Street Photo... Bravo 🤗

Satoshi T I mainly handle RAW with LR, I did not care much about the knob on the front of PEN-F, but this is exciting🤩 ... Thanks @Rafal !

Rafal Laczynski LensBaby's Sweet35 very interesting lens ... I will get interested in that 🤓

Satoshi T My LensBaby is for Nikon mount. So it can be used for the Nikon body and can also be used for m.4/3 via a mount adapter.🤓

Magda Ko Great mood Satoshi

Satoshi T Thank you @Magda 😄

jazzie Great pic, Satoshi!

Satoshi T Thank you @jazzie 😄

Edward Chang Nice urban shot!

Satoshi T Thank you @Edward 😄

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T Thank you @reneekorozo 😄

KasiaM Great !
Psychological resistance.. it's sound familiar :)

Satoshi T Yes, Thanks @KasiaM 😀

Margie This is a shot that will be a classic.

Satoshi T Even during shooting the inside of the viewfinder is a monochrome, so it is an illusion like a time slip. Thank you @Margie !

Danuta Great, very good photo ! Great effects with use LensBaby's Sweet35 ! :)

Satoshi T It has also great psychological effect . Thanks @Danuta 😀

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