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myno Majestic!

Satoshi T Thanks, @ono 😼 !

mathilde24 C est vrai. Quel regard 😊

Satoshi T Vraiment Merci @mathilde24 😻 !

maggaglen Wow beautiful:)

Satoshi T Thank you @maggaglen 😸!

eventide She's so gorgeous!

Satoshi T Thank you @eventide 😻 !

Marta So fluffy! ;)

Satoshi T Yes! Thanks @Marta 😸!

tigg Fabulous portrait. Even though I am not a cat lover!

Satoshi T Oh thank you @tigg 😻 !

vera That's true! what beautiful eyes!

Satoshi T Thank you @vera 😸!

greh Magically

Satoshi T Спасибо, @greh 😻 !

Lido as two precious gems, cool pictures👌👌👌

Satoshi T Thank you @Lido 💎💎😸!

jewels Beautiful cat and photo Satoshi :-)

Satoshi T Thank you @jewels this is your week😸!

jewels Indeed it is :-) Yet, I have only managed one picture int he theme...

Hanna Gawrychowska wow
gorgeous Chai

Satoshi T Thank you @Hanna 😺 I do not see your cats recently... but are your cats doing fine?

Hanna Gawrychowska thanks @Satoshi
my cats feel great

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T Certainly, she may be the most aristocratic in my 3 cats... Thanks @reneekorozo 😸!

Etherliana Beautiful car😍

Etherliana Cat!!

Satoshi T No problem. Thank you @Etherliana 😻!

Danuta His eyes are beautiful, like a blue topaz, Chai she is a beautiful cat, a great in elegance her pose !!! :)

Satoshi T Thank you so much @Danuta 😻!

azumac beautiful kitty!

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