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vera Pauvre Iona! ... big hugs from me!

tania I'll tell her ! Thanks !

myno Pas cool! Courage!

tania Oh non ! Merci !!

Margie Love the rich purple tones of this. Nothing more heart wrenching than a child in pain. Hope she feels better. Thanks for the great link. You gave me someone else special to follow.

tania She's sad and brave. Thanks Margie. Happy for the link !

noun I always said that skiing is dangerous ;-) !

tania Faites comme moi ! Je vous montre !!

craig Hope Iona is better soon!

tania She's gonna be fine soon but no ski for her... Anyway... just life ! Thanks Craig !

Ian Prince Oh no ! Poor Iona. Some smileys to cheer her up...😽🍀🦕⛄️🎃💩🤖👻🦊🐵🐸🐤🐿🌹🌞🌻

tania Je ris beaucoup. Tu es un coquin. Iona 💩🐬❤️🦋🌈😘 ☠️👻⭐️ 😂💩

tania J'aimerais que tu me répondes. Iona

Ian Prince 🍩🍫🍬🍭🍮🍯🥞🌈🐿🐤🐸🐶🦊💑👸👀🎃🤖........💩💩💩

tania lol

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