vera Haha! Great candid portrait! the title is also perfect!

Satoshi T Thank you vera !

Satoshi T Thank you Grzegorz !

Hanna G vera is right - great candid portrait, title is perfect ... and witty

Satoshi T Thank you Hanna!

Gabriela Jaworowska i znowu czerń i biel super oddaje emocje chwili...

Satoshi T Dziękujemy @Gabriela , jestem nauczyć się korzystać z czerni i bieli.

Rohini Great moment you've captured Satoshi!

Satoshi T Thank you Rohini, I leave a camera on and walked.

craig Great candid image Satoshi!

tania Yep !!! Bravo !

Satoshi T Thank you Craig and @tania . I caught it!

Alek Jedliński Wow, nice capture Satoshi :)

Satoshi T Thank you Alek !

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T I am lucky, at this moment, backlight and their hair was shining!

tigg Great spot and shot. You've kindly caught up on my entries I see, thank you! I also noted you have over 25,000 views on a mere 118 photos or something like that. Amazing!

Satoshi T Thank you very much, tigg!
I am glad to hear your word!
and I thank for many user who have seen my pics!

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