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Daniel Zaleski Once again, it was a great evening after a hectic and crazy day. I am glad to meet you in person! I hope you will manage to repair the flash. And hope to meet again.

Kazziz I'll send You photos from the night, since there has to be at last one taken by You :)

Ian Prince Nice photo @Kazziz, thanks! I look forward to seeing seeing you both again :)

Satoshi T Oh Great meeting! You could catch Ian well !! ... and Oly and Pana are compatible only with lenses!

Kazziz big external flashes are also compatible, but the one charged from camera body are not...

Satoshi T Thanks for Info!

Ian Prince Sorry my Lumix killed your flash! FWIW I just tried the Lumix flash on the Lumix body and it worked, which seems to indicate the Oly flash can't kill the Lumix body :) Hope the service brings your flash back to life :)

Kazziz They will, don't You worry.

Jennifer Ouccchhh, salt in the wound Kazzi. 😩 I'm still pretty upset about that. 😒

Kazziz I'm sorry. We need to repair it.

Jennifer Agreed. I'll be ready for October at the latest haha 😊

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