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tigg Massive change - initial confusion but so much info and so clearly laid out. Well done, seemed seamless to a novice like me. Sleep well tonight!

Kevin Drum Looks great to me. I love the additional thumbnails between the arrows that make it feel more like slideshow navigation. And with so many new members, it will help me remember people ("Oh, this is the guy that has been doing all those fancy artificial daylight shots"). I hope all the work and costs to keep tookapic going isn't becoming too much of a burden. You know how I worry.

Alek Jedliński Great, this version is much better :) Much more information available at a glance. One thing - the "heart" icon is red when the pic is *not liked*. I think it's a bit confusing. I know you wanted to direct the attention to that button, but maybe there's another way, like putting it higher / on an overlay?

vera And thank you for all your work!

Ian Prince Thanks Paweł, looks good to me too. I especially like the previews below each photo, the information density on wide screens, and how it renders just as well on my iPad.

Paweł Kadysz Thanks. We've already fixed some of the issues with new version. I hope to get fixed most of them by the end of the day.

Ian Prince I guess I'm getting used to all these incremental changes :) Who remembers what tookapic looked like a year ago? Hint: ;)

Kazziz Paweł, is there a way to implement fast double-click to like photo? Instagram habits never change... :)

Paweł Kadysz no, but you can try pressing "L" on your keyboard to like a photo. "Z" to zoom it. And you can also use arrow keys to navigate to next or previous photo.

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