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Zenon Drobiński Very impressive view! People are crazy in such situations 😁

Magda Korzewska We were there for 10 maybe 15 minutes, and 2 people in my oppinion were far to brave in posing, this is one of them. The other one was guy standing exactly in the same place with hads rise-up.

Jan Buchta I love views like that one. It's just amazing when you stay somewhere on the top and pure and unlimited nature is sorraunding you from every side. Amazing moments 😁👍👌❤
Btw, yep You're right, people are crazy and irresponsible in places like this. In January we were in similar place but on the second side of earth and people are the same in this case. We saw they were lying on the ground with their head out of the edge to take selfie

Magda Korzewska The view down was also extraordynary, such amazing nature.

val Really impressed!

Margie Fantastic photo! And I feel exactly the same as you about people taking these risky positions. They make me nervous.

Magda Korzewska I could not look a them, but thought it might be interesting photo, so finally took a few frames.

vera Wow! Fantastic! Really impressive! I'm dizzy from behind my computer ... 🤣

Magda Korzewska o yes driving those roads you would be even more, thanks Vera <3

Marta Kalina Brilliant photo in great place! :D
I love this park and I'm jealous of these landscapes! One day I will come back there to explore more!
Waiting for more of Your photos! :)

Magda Korzewska I have the same feelings. we plan quite extensive sightseeing so I can only have a glimpse of thosoe beautiful nature. I do my best to show some more nice photo.

Michał I think I'd go there as well. Maybe not for selfie though ;)

Magda Korzewska Such a beautiful nature, very well preserwed, worth an effort to travel so long distance :)

ponzu A tremendous photo. It is not easy to achieve such separation of a small subject in the midground from the massive background. I feel worried for the subject. I am glad you were not the one who posed her.

Magda Korzewska Happy you like it. I am not the one to take such a risk.

Hasnat beautiful shot!!

Magda Korzewska thnx Hasnat

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