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tania Was there in 2004 !! Enjoy !

Magda Ko fantastic place isn't it :) thnx

agnieszka bladzik love it :) i envy such amazing views :D

Magda Ko this was creazy, people was chasing for the best place to shot it, going to the edge (no barrier at all), seating, laying. Even myslef, I would never do it on my own, but looking at those dozen of people I was breave enough to put camera on my tripod and try wide angle. Happy you like it.

maggaglen Świetnie to wygląda:)

Satoshi T Great Ω shape!

Magda Ko yeah and thanks to this place I know that this is called horseshoe, never heard this word before.

Etherliana Pięknie

Margie Horseshoe Bend!!! So scary getting near the edge. Great job!!!

Magda Ko absolutely true, I was surprised I was brave enough.

Margie I got as close as I could dare - all for the shot! It is tricky to capture the entire curve. This is the spot like your photo in Yosemite where people were CRAZY close to the edge. I was nervous for them.

Magda Ko I have a very wide lens. Also tripod help me as camera was stable and I press shutter by touching screen. A bit easier. I do not know how I manage to come so close, maybe because there was another 30-40 people around and my husband hold me as well. I took this pic. just after sunset with longer exposure, before sun was such strong that I could not see anything.

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Magda Ko we have great time. I am so happy but also tired of driving and everyday sightseeing. Need another a couple of days after vacation to recover. Thank you so much Beata.

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