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maggaglen Wow beautiful:)

Magda Korzewska Besutiful seascape, och!

120mr Beautiful! And the yacht is so cute!

AP Darth Beautiful photo.

Satoshi T Beautiful!! Yacht is very nice as one point!

Etherliana Amazing viewer:)

Vincent Magnifique !

Viola Kuniej lucky you!

Hanna Gawrychowska wow

as in the poem of Lermontow :

"Белеет парус одинокий
В тумане моря голубом...
Что ищет он в стране далёкой?
Что кинул он в краю родном?

Играют волны - ветер свищет,
И мачта гнётся и скрипит...
Увы, - он счастия не ищет
И не от счастия бежит!

Под ним струя светлей лазури,
Над ним луч солнца золотой
А он, мятежный, просит бури,
Как будто в бурях есть покой! "

Михаил Юрьевич ЛЕРМОНТОВ

Ian Prince The poem is rather lovely (even google-translated) and does go rather well with the pic. Thanks! Here it is: The lonely white sail grows white
In the fog of the blue sea ...
What does he seek in the country far?
What he threw in the edge of his own?
There are waves - the wind whistles,
And the mast bends and creaks ...
Alas, he is not looking for happiness
And not from happiness runs!
Below him a stream of lighter azure,
Above him is the golden ray of the sun
And he, rebellious, asks for a storm,
As if there were peace in the storms!

Hanna Gawrychowska beautiful photo and ....

no to jeszcze w języku polskim:

Samotny żagiel w niebios toni
Bieleje na błękicie fal.
Skąd płynie? dokąd? za czym goni;
Ku jakim brzegom biegnie w dal?

Wrą fale, wicher oszalały
Ze skrzypem czoło masztu gnie...
I nie od szczęścia żagiel biały
Ucieka, nie ku szczęściu mknie !

Świetlisty pod nim szlak się pali,
Słoneczny z niebios pada pył;
On burzy wzywa z mglistej dali,
Jak gdyby w burzach spokój był.

Kateli Oh wow ! Nice one Ian !!

vera oh incredible! how beautiful!

val Waou! Great photo ! But poor guys on the boat!

Magda OMG! This is amazing <3

wkaleniecki Like under the Dome

Ian Prince @maggaglen @Magda @120mr @AP @Satoshi @Etherliana @Vincent @ultraviolet @Hanna @Kateli @vera @val @magdaludwikow @robert_wisniewski @wkaleniecki @soul_man Thanks everyone :) Total luck as usual :) Was taking my break (as barman, of course!) at our small lakeside music festival when I saw the rainbow and tried a few pics with my iPhone...but thought it was worth running back to get a "real" camera...but when I got back the rainbow was gone :( Then I saw the yacht and thought that would do instead....and then the rainbow came back, even better than earlier :) Right place, right time :)

vera Fantastic!!!

Ian Prince Oh, and everyone at the festival got very wet!

vera wet music festival! cool!

120mr What a luck!

myno Dingue!!

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