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Ginger We can... We have VS shops even in Poland... according to my best knowledge.... Or maybe I have understood you wrong? :) Anyway brave but nice pic :)

Magda Korzewska Ginger yes there are shops but just for cosmetics and maybe pants, no bras avaliable :(

Ginger Hmmm... I had no idea to be honest. Just have seen shops being in Warsaw, but i never entered any.

Ginger well... it i s a video from opening one of polish shops... I can see bras there

Magda Korzewska Wow yes, You are right, this is the first one :) good research. Ps. I have bought some in USA but good to have them close just in case.

tania Excellent ! Love it !

Magda Korzewska not sure if I should but ... why not

tania I understand... 😉 😂

Jan Buchta This is exactly the best and perfect place for a white colour ;)

Magda Korzewska You gave me idea for some series :)

Jan Buchta I'm glad I could help :) and I'm sure that will be a good series.

Satoshi T Brave shot! You bought it from VS in US? Is Bra still short in Poland now?

Magda Korzewska There are plenty of them, but VS is just one and special :) this is like Leica. I hope i have not gone too far with this shot.

Satoshi T Oh, special thing like Leica!😀 great! When you will come to Japan, please try to visit 'Wacoal' and 'Trimph' shop.

Magda Korzewska I love Muji and Uniqlo, but when in Japan I would try to avoid wasting time for shopping :)

Etherliana Śliczne zdjęcie!❤❤❤
Biustonosz cudny!

Ewa Kudlaty @Magda I agree! Beautiful!

Magda Korzewska <3 thank you so much

Kazziz Why we don't need Victoria's secret? Because we have Ewa Michalak ( :)

Kazziz Really. 1/3rd of Martyna's bras are from Ewa. And we're talking about 50 of 150... ;-)

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