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Paulina M Great photo Satoshi. This guy is so passionate about his music

Satoshi T Thank you Paulina I also think so.

Magda Korzewska Your pic fits both thems this week and last week. I like it very much.

Satoshi T Thank you Magda, Since last week experience, I began to take portraits.

craig What a great shot Satoshi!

Satoshi T Thank you very much Craig.

vera Very nice shot Satoshi! I like so much the little bells! Be curious to hear what music he plays!

Satoshi T Thank you vera. I like his little bells too. I found. you can hear him here:

vera Oh thank you very much Satoshi! Coool! I've listened to it and can imagine the sound is around this pic! :-)

Hanna Gawrychowska Magda is right - two week thems
very interesting photo

Satoshi T Thank you Hanna! I add tag.

Claudiu Sergiu Danaila That Brooklyn cap! Such a nice detail. His artistry can be felt through this photo.

Satoshi T Thank you Claudiu, he is very Artistic.

Jon Scott Great shot, this combines this week and last weeks theme!

Satoshi T Thank you Jon!

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T he has meny detailful small instruments Denise :)

Roman Czarny Man band
Great shot and BW fits perfectly

Satoshi T Thank you Roman just a one man band. he can play many sounds.

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T Thank you Kimberly !

NitaR I love this shot. The B&W is very effective. So many different kinds of instruments in one shot!

Satoshi T I select B&W , and adjust a little strong contrast. Thank you @NitaR

Gabriela Jaworowska dużo muzyki...ładne zdjęcie

Satoshi T dziękuję @Gabriela !

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