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Bruce That deserves two stars 😊😊

jewels That deserves 2 thanks 😉

Jan Buchta Simple but amazing! Great captured 👌👍

jewels Thank you very much!

Vincent Beautiful !

jewels Thank you!

Zenon Drobiński Great scene! And excellent series of recent pics!

jewels Thank you, being on holiday helps!

Magda Korzewska I look at your photos and wondering if you are north India orTybet?

jewels I am in Ladakh on holiday but otherwise from Geneva 😀

Magda Korzewska I would love to go there one day! How are you feel at such altitude? No problems? ENJOY!

jewels So far so good, but I reserve my final say after we go over that + 5'800m pass!

Magda Korzewska oh yes I forgot you are living in mountaings region. Looking forward to see your photos. Have a great time.

Michel Neufeld Félicitations ! Plein de significations et symboles !

jewels Merci beaucoup!

vera Wow! beautiful and super sensation of freedom!

jewels Le sommet du monde :-)

Satoshi T Excellent!

jewels Thanks :-)

tania Strong and powerful... I wish I'd see a little bit more montains on this photo

jewels A tighter frame actually worked better on this one, but I will post a landscape just for you :-)

Weronika Super ⭐

Etherliana Oh its soo awesome!! I love it!❤

Kateli Brilliant photo !!

superczapla Perfect picture !!!