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Filip Łannik Super kompozycja!

Magda Ko Dzięki Filip :)

GaaNamiko Świetne!

Magda Ko ❤️

robert_wisniewski SUPER !!!

Magda Ko ❤️

Zenon Drobiński Great picture!

Magda Ko ❤️

agnieszka bladzik i think i need to book some new tickets :D

Magda Ko If you have never been to London, definitely yes. I love to come back here, it is maybe my 7 or 8 times and no problem to find new places to be visited. Great cosmopolitan city, easy to travel.

agnieszka bladzik i was there once and i saw small % of what needs to be seen :D

Magda Ko There is Open house in Septenber., good reason to come

Edward Chang Yes, it’s impressive one ☝️

Magda Ko Thnx Edward

Ian Prince The Tate Modern is such an interesting *large* building. Nice how this pic shows that.

Magda Ko This is the place I can visit everytime I am here. Love the srchitecture, exhibitions, view, boikstore and cafe :)

superczapla SUPER !!!

Magda Ko ❤️

IzabelaK Super :-)

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