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maggaglen To życzę owocnego odpoczynku:)

Magda Parkitna A dziękuję😉

v agnès All the best Magda!

Magda Parkitna Thanks a lot

Artur Łobocki I hope you'll back soon. Good luck and enjoy your shooting outside the tookapic 😉

GaaNamiko Wszystkiego dobrego! Będę obserwować na instagramie 🙂

Magda Parkitna Dziękuję

Edward Chang Good luck, Magda😄

Gosia I hope you will come back. I really love your pics ;) <3 Take care.

Magda Parkitna Thanks for nice words. I do not say no. Everything is possible.

Magda Korzewska Not happy with your decidion. Good luck and hope to see you back here.

Magda Parkitna Thank you Magda.

Bruce Best of luck to you Magda... your images are always so well done 😊

Magda Parkitna Thanks a lot

Roman Czarny Goodbye, I hope soon

vera So sorry that you leave... I like a lot your project full of original ideas and creativity! good luck for your new projects!

Magda Parkitna Thanks Vera.

Aga Ka Sorry to see you go, Magda. I will miss your photos here on tookapic but will hopefully see them on instagram. Good luck with you next project(s). Take care.

Magda Parkitna Thanks for being here with me. It is so nice.

Urszula Stachowicz Oh :( But I hope you'll come back one day. And of course I'll be following you on IG :)

Magda Parkitna Everything is possible. Thanks😊

Dorka Wszystkiego dobrego! I do zobaczenia 😉

Magda Parkitna Dziękuję. A muszę przyznać, że ostatnio rozważam powrot na tookapic. Zatem do zobaczenia😉

Dorka O widzisz 👍 czekamy!

Asia_O. Świetne zdjęcia😊 Może już czas, aby tu wrócić?🙂🙂

Magda Parkitna Dziękuję za dobre słowo. Hmmmm... może to już jest ten czas?

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Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II
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