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Viola Qniej do not be desperate, just a few bugs and will be pretty 😂😂

agnieszka bladzik i think it's not the bugs but people expectations and managing those

Marcin K. So far it all looks like a normal life-cycle of a product. Keep it up. You are doing a great job!

vividcolourfabric Do you remember your new year resolution was to stop giving any hsit? I remember. "Dump" Hold tight out there. ;)

LIDO It is only temporary tiredness. You are doing a very good job. Tookapic is very good. Hold on to Paweł.🍀🍀🍀😍🍀

Michał The app is getting better and better after slight refurbishment. Keep it going!

[off-topic] Like your keyboard glows. It says more than a 1000 words :).

Aleksandra Z This is temporary breakdown. Remember, you know what you're doing so do it. There's a lot of envy in people and its very sad, but we are with you and thanks to you, we create this community! ❤️

Satoshi T Many software developers and creators here are know that there is unprecedented time and hardship in the backstage. In addition, it is difficult to satisfy the demands of many individuals with one product.
There are very few well-balanced with design-sense, photo-technology and personal attraction, and who have perseverance.
I think you are a rare person who has them.
Trzymam kciuki!👍

jokele You did a big change and there are some quirks. But that's normal for such a big change. It will be fixed and tookapic gets better and better. Remember the discussions about the change of the color or when you made tookapic a paid-only side. It's unfortunately not possible to satisfy everyone but keep up your good work!

Basia You have done a huge job, I think that each of us is proud of you, but you have to get used to changes, tame them. Now is the time to open a beer and drink together for the best community, for tookapic, and think about the amendments in a while, when we are sure that they are needed

Margie I love all the changes and it has energized me. That doesn't mean I am taking better photos in the middle of all the holiday chaos, but it is exciting and I am able somehow to see work by many more photographers. Stick with it! We appreciate all that you have done!

Lesley You've done something really special. I have a collection of 2 years of photos that take me back through those 2 years of memories. I'd have never done such a thing without Tookapic! Here's to 2019.
Thank you Pawel! Having a diary of 2 years of photos is a neat thing.

Kateli We believe in you !!! One always needs time to adjust to new things and I can' imagine the time and energy you put into the new tookapic. Hold on in there !!!

Soaring Castles @Paweł The site looks great! The effort that has gone into it really shows. That said, I'm a professional web eng, so please feel free to hit me up if there's anything in particular you could use some help with.

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