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vividcolourfabric If you want an e-mail full of hate, I'm ready to start.

Nah. Just joking around. We know you did your best to keep this community alive. You're not able to change what masses think. :)

Paweł Kadysz Yeah, one of the new year's resolution for me is to stop giving a f***. But it's not the masses. The majority of people were friendly and supportive (just read the comments on the announcement in Talks). What bothers me is that the only hateful people were from Poland - my country.

vividcolourfabric So - if you want to stop giving any hsit - would you care about those people while all the majority is friendly and nice?

Paweł Kadysz Stop caring what haters think.

Michał Haters are losers and I'm sure you know that.

Satoshi T Dobra robota. I have been a nostalgy collector until this year, and recently I noticed that it is cost itself to fill the space with old things... but for me it takes courage to throw away the past.

Kazziz Kultura "dej", Paweł.

Paweł Kadysz Yeah, it's so... embarrasing.

Viola Kuniej it's a good symbol of haters mails, I think ☺ throw it away!

Comment was deleted

Magda Parkitna Paweł nie przejmuj się hejtującymi rodakami. U nas część obywateli chciałoby wszystko za darmo. Należy im się przecież. Szczególnie od innych, sami nic od siebie nie dając. Wiem to smutne i trochę przerażające. Rób jednak swoje. Jednak jest tu duża grupa ludzi życzliwych i normalnych. Na pozytywach warto się skupić. Pozdrawiam

Aga Ka @Pwel Kadysz gratz on the cleaning of your old office. One of those things it is not easy to start (at least not for me) but good to do. I am sorry to hear that you got hate mails about tookapic and the fact that it will be no longer free. I understand your decision Pawel, and I think most of us do. I also understand how you must feel with the fact that all the negativity directed at you comes from polish people. Shows the mentality of some people indeed. I hope you can put it behind you soon. I also hope you will not stop caring. I think it is not about ''not caring'' but about realizing WHEN not to care. And moments lie this, when people show their entitlement are, indeed, not worth caring. I am also really happy that you translated tookapic to polish language. Some of us don't feel confident enough to communicate in english. I am sure there are polish people amongst us that would not be part of our community if tookapic was only in english. And some of those people will stay here with paid membership. I also hope that if you will have other project in the future, you will also make it available in polish. I hope you will not let that situation to make you things different than you normally would, because then, in a way, you will let ungrateful, hateful people to decide who you are and what you do, and you are the only one who should decide/choose who you want to be and how you do things. I hope you don't mind my 2 cents. I cannot wait to be back here (when real life allowes). Greetings, Aga.

Urszula Stachowicz Sorry to hear that... I thought that this community is free of hatred. Or it was, till this. When I read that Tookapic won't be free no longer - to be honest - I felt a little bit of relief. That Tookapic will exist. :) In some way this photo displays changes. ;) I'm sure Tookapic won't be the same place anymore. But I'm also sure it will be even better. :)

Ewa Kudlaty @Paweł don't worry! All emails from those users show that they will not be part of this community anymore. You should be happy 😉
Good luck on your new way! I'm together with you and your decision!

Jennifer Don't be too down on yourself. Crappy people come in all kinds and places. But in this particular case, there are probably also far more users in Poland than abroad, so overall just more chances for those kinds of people.

Either way, you know we're all here to help restore your faith in humanity when it's feeling strained. ^.^ Tookapic and our people hosted me through Poland! I think that's a pretty amazing thing.

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