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Jan Pinkosz Świetny kadr! 👌

Magda Ko dzięki bardzo

Rafal Laczynski Super! ☆

Magda Ko o jak fajnie, że Ci wpadło w oko, dziękuję

Viola Qniej omg... a dream from a drunken architect

Magda Ko you can not see from the picture but this is round tower

Viola Qniej so... LSD addicted hahah

Ian Prince Excellent, and works well with yesterday's:)

Magda Ko this is the reason I have chosen this frame. Would be great to find something for tomorrow. Happy you like it.

Ian Prince Happy tower-block hunting then :)

Magda Ko We decided to go to Jerusalem, so maybe only tomorrow or on Sat, thanks a lot

Dorka Bomba, lekki oczopląs ;-)

Magda Ko cha cha nie wyobrażam sobie tam mieszkać :)

Gogi Golzman oooooooo that looks great magda!

Magda Ko happy you like it Gogi :)

Satoshi T Great!

Magda Ko I am happy with the result, happy you like it too

Dana Lightman This is so intriguing. The repetition and patterns capture my attention and pull me in.

Magda Ko i have the same, love this kind of photography, trying to find such patterns. Thank you Dana for your comment.

Christine Quarte What stunning architecture. I love how your shot makes it look neverending, like a seamless pattern.

Magda Ko so nice to hear from You, i Am very much info this kind of frames.

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