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tigg Trouble is we are getting grey day after grey day after grey day. So want to see this kind of sky!

Paweł Kadysz Same here, That’s why I’m so excited when we get to have 2h of clear blue sky in a day. Once in two weeks :P

Lauren Huston I wish we had winters that cold. Our average winter temp is 20 degrees celcius here in Brisbane. Even Melbourne would generally be 10 degrees or higher.
But Brisbane does have dry winters, so we get a lot of sunshine!

Paweł Kadysz I prefer summer over winter. Our winters are unpredictable. One year it’s all rain for 5 months and the other it’s snow, blue sky and -5C.

Few years ago we had a heavy snowfall in May. I mean like knee-deep. And last year we had +25C in April.

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