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Mikołaj Eś There is any other word which fits perfectly to it than just "excellent". Good job

Magda Korzewska For me it's great

Kevin Drum That's the problem with these stars. You have to stay up late in the summer, or you have to suffer the cold in the winter.

Jesse Lind muchos trueos (tries to speak Spanish, lamp falls on head)

Dominik Osyczka Looks so appleish!

Jesse Lind Sigh, can you please stop being so good so us amateurs can have a chance?? (jk never stop)

vera It's so beautiful!!! Wow! I would like to paint it... could I do that?

Rohini Its beautiful.

Ian Prince Awesome. Good job you know your camera so well, in conditions like that you don't want to be fumbling around freezing off your fingers!

17mm, 10s, f2.8, ISO 1000: noted ;)

Bridget Braun Noted this as well!!!!!

Paweł Kadysz In this case, it's more of "know your software" rather than "know your camera". The pics looked decent on the camera's LCD screen, but after downloading them onto the computer - it was just a black stain with few white dots. I even updated Lightroom to get its' latest Dehaze feature.

Ian Prince Lol, software to the rescue!

I too noticed how astro photos looked way better on the LCD screen. Would you have used different settings if it hadn't been so cold to give it another go? Just asking so I can steal them ;)

Paweł Kadysz I'd definitely spent more time on focusing. Yesterday was not the best weather either. The sky wasn't as clear as it could've been.

Now that I know you can't trust what you see on the LCD screen, I'd probably experiment much more with the settings. I'd try it with higher ISO.

Ian Prince Ah, I would have expected you might say a lower ISO to avoid the noise. Is that to make the exposure shorter, or to use a smaller f-stop?

As for focusing on infinity when it's dark, in my limited experience this is probably one of the only downsides of an EVF. My guess is a "manual focus ring" lens like the 12mm might makes things a tad easier....

P.S. A little web reading on the subject (most notably and seems to indicate that you'd have to calibrate the infinity markers beforehand to get best results. Oh well...

Bridget Braun Not satisfying? I love it!

Ian Prince I would think so :)

My Confetti Moon Pure Zen :))

Jon Scott Love how the tree line anchors this view. Great composition.

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